25+ Summer Braided Hairstyles by Alexander Wang 2021

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Well known stylist Alexander Wang offers easy to do and relaxed hairstyles that will enhance your natural beauty and sexuality. The latest runway show was all about loose braided hairstyles that looked effortlessly chic and glamorous. Pro stylist offered simple side braid that is easy to do yet so hot and trendy. If you are looking for new ways to style your long tresses, check out the following simple styling tips that will help you to create celeb worth look without any effort.

Braided Hairstyles by Alexander Wang 2021

The main thing about such hairstyle is voluminous wavy hair so if you have sleek hair you can add volume with the help of styling mousse. Wash your hair the day before you are going to style your hair and leave it dry naturally. This trick will help you to create tousled style. Before the styling process apply tiny amount of styling gel, rub it between your fingers and comb your hair from the mid length to the edges.

The Latest Braided Hairstyles

When you have finished with styling gel, create deep side parting, pull your hair to one side and plait it into a loose side braid. Do not try to create neat braid; instead pull out few flyaway stands for more relaxed hairstyle. You can create simple French braid or if you have plaiting skills you can create messy fishtail. At last fix the style with rubber band or colorful ribbon. Such hairstyle will be suitable for casual outfit as well as for beach parties.

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