35+ The Secret of Hair Growth for Men

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Tired of looking at your receding hairline every day? Scared of running the hair brush through your balding hair? Already limited to simple and easy hairstyles? Fret not. You are not alone. In contemporary times, more and more men are stressed about their thinning hair. The concoction of a well-known phrase, “hair today, gone tomorrow,” seems to be affecting the lives and hair growth of more and more people like you!

Well, if you were born 3000 years ago, you would probably go in for the ointment that promises hair growth and restoration of lost hair by using equal portions of hippopotamus dung and crocodile fat (as per inscriptions on an ancient Egyptian papyrus), but that is certainly not what you would like to do today, right? So, instead of getting lost trying to find age old hair loss prevention therapies that require the application of pigeon droppings, cumin, horseradish and sting nettles to the scalp, simply read on. Here, we help you understand why you lose hair and provide some valuable insights into the secret of hair re-growth for men.

The Short and Long of Hair Growth

Believe it or not—you lose more than 100 strands of hair on a daily basis. If left untouched, your hair can reach a length of 40 inches in the growing or anagen phase. Surprised? When Rapunzel dropped her hair down the tower to let her lover up, she probably had loads of the growth factor responsible for controlling the length of hair. Known as Fibroblast Growth Factor 5, this chemical messenger is completely responsible for the length of your hair or its complete absence.

Are you really interested in this? Instead of getting into the complexities of the anatomy of hair follicles and the biological composition of hair and other hair stimulating hormones, this article introduces you to some proven ways removing your baldness and hair falling woes. Take a look!

Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss in men is caused due to genetics (to a large extent) and a host of other factors like inadequate nutrition, insufficient scalp circulation, hormonal imbalances, an underactive thyroid gland, nutrient deficiencies and unhygienic hair maintenance. Factors that determine the regeneration of hair are as follows:

  • The quality of the blood in your veins induced by alkaline eating, thinking and living.
  • The alkaline constituents and context surrounding the blood.
  • Quality of alkaline context surrounding your hair bulbs.
  • The quantum and conditions of blood circulation in your existing hair bulbs.
  • The alkaline levels and context of your hair scalp.
  • A right balance in the acid-alkaline context is a must for healthy hair regeneration and growth. These factors influence hair fall and alopecia and can be controlled to a large extent by incorporating the following solutions in your daily routine.

Simple Solutions for Active Re-growth of Hair

An increase in the quantity of green food , vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet often leads to better hair growth and alleviates the concerning signs of premature hair fall.
Health supplements, as well as an extra intake of minerals and essential nutrients can ward off the causes of hair shrinkage—in more ways than one.
Use of alkalizing and stimulating shampoos (such as Nizoral shampoo), hair tonics and conditioners clean your scalp in the most natural ways and remove all traces of sebum, bacteria, debris, yeast, parasites and moulds, that cause unwanted hair fall. The good oils in alkalizing conditioners protect your hair shaft for a longer time.
Along with these common tips for regaining hair, men suffering from the common symptoms of hair loss and baldness should also go through these natural remedies to facilitate their hair restoration efforts. And yes, they actually work!

Natural Remedies for Tackling your Hair Concerns

Go for Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids form an important element of the proper functioning of your body. An absence of the same (in the natural form in the body) may lead to recurring hair loss problems. So, go in for walnuts, flaxseeds, avocados and fish—they are excellent sources of essential fatty acids.

Ramp up your Collagen Production

Along with age, the collagen surrounding your hair follicles starts breaking down easily, leading to baldness and hair related problems. Food sources high in vitamin C help you boost the collagen on your scalp. Strawberries, citrus fruits and red peppers are good sources of Vitamin C and help in curtailing breakage of hair.

Boost Biotin Level

Scalp and hair health is positively encouraged by Biotin, which is a water soluble Vitamin B complex. The natural sources of the same include brown rice, nuts and oats.

Keratin Production Increases with MSM

MSM or methylsulfonylmethane is very helpful in the production of keratin and also goes a long way in strengthening hair follicles. Green leafy vegetables, cabbage, Swiss chard and watercress contain low levels of MSM and should be taken in their raw form for best results. Cooked beets and asparagus as well as the nutritious leaves of Alfalfa are rich in this nutrient too.

Iron Rich Foods are a Must

A proper intake of iron is also essential for hair regeneration and can be sourced from green leafy vegetables, blackstrap molasses, leeks, dried fruits, figs, cashews and berries.

Your Hair Requires a Mineral Boost

Minerals such as zinc and silica are very critical for regeneration of hair. You can take up to 30 mg of zinc and 500 mg of silica on a daily basis for best results. The natural sources of silica are mango, green leafs, cucumber, beans, asparagus and celery. The horsetail herb also contains a high percentage of organic silica. Fresh oysters, pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, pecans and eggs are rich in the mineral zinc.

Address the Symptoms of a Possible Underactive Thyroid Gland

Hypothyroidism can also lead to the thinning of hair. The natural ways of treating this condition are linked with iodine rich sources like dulse, kombu, kelp, nori, and wakame.

Remember, it is not very easy to get your crowning glory back. However, with the right inputs of patience, these secret natural remedies and the correct measures of hair growth in place, you can look forward to a more flourishing scalp and healthier looking hair. Once your hair growing again, you’ll feel more confident about getting that awesome short haircut that you’re used to. Start the process and say “hello” to a better looking you.

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