15+ Tiger Woods Hairstyles

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Tiger Woods hairstyles are basically the basic short crop that is suitable for people with natural curly texture, like him. But besides the constant look and style that he has worn over the years, there is also a rumor that Woods is losing his hair, fast. Although he hasn’t confirmed it or say anything official, the rumor seems true and everyone can see that his hair line is actually receding.

Tiger Woods Hairstyles

It seems that Woods has favored this kind of cut ever since he was very young. In fact, there were photos of him during college that showed that he had worn the same cut that he is having until today. However, in the photos, his hair looked thicker and full, while the current cuts are showing that the thickness is reducing. In some occasions, Woods is spotted with bald patches that are certainly affecting his appearance as well as his confidence. However, his option to keep his hair in the short crop is a very good way because this cut is able to hide all his flaws and also his bald patches. At least his baldness and hair loss won’t be showing off too much with this cropped cut. Some people have suggested him to shave it off, but he doesn’t seem to be comfortable with the shaved look.

The (Strange) Blonde Option

Once, Woods seemed to get tired of the same appearance that he has had, so he decided to color his hair blonde. It seemed weird and not very suitable for him, considering the bright color and the skin complexion. He almost looked like Dennis Rodman, only on the shorter version. These Tiger Woods hairstyles are certainly not good for you if you have similar complexion as Woods. Thank God, Woods didn’t seem to like it either and changed it into his natural color.

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