Top 25+ Best Semi Permanent Hair Color Brand

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Best Semi Permanent Hair Color Brand is best for people who want to color their hair without damage. Semi permanent hair color is used for people to cover gray and also to protect hair because of the moisturizer-based formula. There is rumor that semi permanent hair color fades easily that make many people go to permanent hair color instead. The benefits of semi permanent colors are that it contains less ammoniac and chemical. If you just want to cover grey and enhance your hair color, semi permanent hair color brand is best for you.

Best Semi Permanent Hair Color Brand

However, if you want to change your hair color completely, you need to go for permanent hair color. There are many brands available for semi permanent hair color, however, these products as are best semi permanent hair color brands, not just because it contains good moisturizer, but also they promise to give best color result. This hair color product from Clairol is the number one semi-permanent hair color. With non ammonic ingredients, this best semi permanent hair color brand also contain coconut oil, aloe Vera, vitamin e and antioxidant that will leave your hair colored and protected.

L’Oreal casting Crème Gloss or Healthy Look Crème Gloss

This semi permanent hair color product is best for people who want to enhance the shine of their hair color. The color will not instantly be washed out with water but it will stay at minimum 28 days or a month. This brand is famous for the anti-allergic semi permanent hair color products. This is one of the best semi permanent hair color brand in the United States. Cosomo also promise that the product is ammoniac free and peroxide free that proven will help you to give back color and shine to your natural hair color.

The lates product from Cosamo is Love Your Color that is also announced to be PPd free. PPD is phenylenediamine that a chemical substance that is used normally as dye in hair color products. For long term use, PPD may cause health problems such as dermatitis and asthmatics.

Wella Color Fresh

Wella color fresh hair color product is chosen as best semi permanent hair color brand because of the fabulous result. As well as most semi permanent hair color products, Wella Color fresh does not contain ammoniac and peroxide. This product has a very gentle formula that is best for people with sensitive scalp. The color will fade in minimum 10 times wash.

Manic Panic Semi Permanent Hair Color cream

If you like to change your hair color regularly, and you like trendy and eclectic colors, this product is best for you. Manic Panic semi permanent hair color cream is one of the best semi permanent hair color brand because it is ready to use, means you don’t need to mix it with everything, guaranteed no animal testing, and contains no animals ingredients. Therefore this product is perfect for vegan. Manic Panic semi permanent crème contains herbal and protein complex that will also nitrifying your hair while coloring.

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