30+ Trendy Hairstyles for Teen Boys

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Teen boys like girls often experiment different hairstyles and change their image on any occasion. Hair gurus have createdzillion haircuts and hairstyles for teen boys so if you have made up your mind to have new haircut you can get some inspiration from these examples of trendy hairstyles for teen boys and create stylish look. Celebrities and beauty icons are the main source of inspiration for teen girls and boys and if you want to have celeb worth look you can look through the pages of magazines or search the web and find the best style suitable for you.

Trendy Hairstyles for Teen Boys

First hairstyle to be mentioned is short crop cut hairstyle with longer bang. This style is perfect option for those who doesn’t have proportionate face shape and scalp. Furthermore, short haircut with longer bang will furnish you with infinite styling options like sleek side swept style or more relaxed spiky and tousled bang hairstyle. Next hairstyle to be mentioned is shag that has become very popular among teen celebrities. This style will be just perfect for those with round or square face shape so grow out your hair and wear stylish shag. Once you wear trendy shag hairstyle you will enjoy infinite advantages of this hairstyle.

Hairstyles for Teen Boys

Another trendy style that will be perfectly suitable for teen boys is midi layered hairstyle. Graduated layers will add extra movement to bulky texture as well as add volume to thin hair. You can wear your medium layered hairstyle sleek for polished and neat look or a bit tousled for playful and youthful image. If you are blessed with natural curls you can make the most of your hair with tiny amount of texturizer.

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