20+ Wavy Hairstyles For Men

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Wavy/curly hair provides men with many ways of styling their hair. This hair lends itself to a variety of textured looks for both long and short hair that work well with layers to tame the hair and also reduce the bulk of waves. Curly hair generally give the bands/ fringe a rugged texture which prevents it from being non descript and too blunt. Therefore if you are looking forward to a handsome and sophisticated appearance try one of the many wavy hairstyles for men.

Long layers

Long layers on medium-sized to long curly hair help the hair to lie smoothly on the scalp. The layers also help decrease the bulk that is created by curly hair. With long or medium-sized wavy hair, long layers provide the hairstyle with well defined waves at the ends and sides.

Short tousled cuts

Men with wavy hair can also take advantage of short tousled cut to enhance their appearance. This hair cut is very easy to style and to create it the hair has to be short and tapered at the sides and also long at the top. This hairstyle doesn’t have bangs or a fringe. To style it the curls should be defined with a hair gel while wet, tousled gently and then air-dried to bring about messy, carefree look.

The fringe

Wavy hair give fringes a rugged and textured look. The hair is cut in the same manner as in short tousled cut but the front is left slightly longer to create a fringe. The fringes usually vary in length depending on the shape of the face and can be layered lightly to reduce the bulk.

The slick-back

This is a variation of tapered hair cut in which the hair is longer on the top and shorter on the sides. To create slick-back men with curly hair should leave the top slightly longer (i.e. few inches) depending on how curly their hair is. The hair should then be clicked back with gel or pomade. The waves present on the hair give this style more body when they are slicked back. Wavy hairstyles are some of the best hair styles for men. This styles are very easy to take care of and give men the handsome look which most women find attractive.

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